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The Case of Arethra Franklins Handwritten Wills

It’s sad to report that Aretha Franklin’s family are in a bitter feud over the legitimacy of handwritten Wills that were recently found in her home.

When she died last summer, it at first appeared she had no Will, and there would be no quarrel in the family as her 4 sons would each receive, under the laws of intestacy, equal shares in her fortune. Fast forward nearly a year later after her death, and tensions are rising within the family. Following the recent discovery of 3 handwritten Wills in the famous singer’s suburban home in Detroit, the family has been arguing with each other over them. It is unclear which is the most up to date, and even if any of them are valid.

A judge is to review the validity of the three handwritten Wills by the late singer and decide which one should be admitted to Probate. A handwriting expert is reviewing the Wills but the examination has not yet been finalised.

If you choose to prepare a handwritten Will, although I don’t advise this, please ensure that you destroy any previous Will. You must also make sure your family knows where the most up to date one is.  Your family likely does not have the financial resources available to the Franklin family to be able to sort all this out in court!

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Catherine Sawbridge

Handwritten Wills do not always represent your wishes
Handwritten Wills can often cause confusion concerning the handling of your estate.