Costly legal action from incomplete Wills

Lessons to learn from Celebrity Wills – Part Three

Will writing can be very complicated, especially when you have a large estate. What lessons can we learn from celebrity Wills? Read on to find out what happened to George Michael’s estate after his passing.

Two years after his death it is announced that George Michael excluded key figures that were part of his life from his Will. His ex-partners Fadi Fawaz & Kenny Goss were left with nothing from the £97.6 million fortune. This has stunned the singer’s inner circle. Recent Court paperwork has meant the estate can finally be divided following his tragic passing from heart disease in December 2016. The Will which divided up his wealth has been left to his 2 sisters, dad, friends, & relatives. But George’s ex-partner Kenny, whom he had a relationship with for almost 15 years has been left nothing from his estate along with on-off boyfriend Fadi.

Fadi is still living in George’s Regent Park home and has repeatedly ignored requests to leave the premises. He has disregarded letters from Michael’s family as he claims that the late singer permitted him to continue living there before he passed away. For this, George would have needed to create a Property Trust Will (read more here) prior to his passing. This could indicate his Will was incomplete.

These revelations caused a few raised eyebrows and this may cause stress for his sister who is sole executor.

Lessons to learn from George Michael, costly legal action can result from incomplete Wills
Incomplete Wills can lead to costly legal action after your passing.

What are the statistics?

A report carried out by Direct Life Insurance last year revealed that Will Disputes and Inheritance feuds continue to increase – with the number of Wills and probate disputes that make their way to HM Courts & Tribunals system increasing by 6% in 2018. Disputes concerning Wills & Inheritance can be emotionally draining and are often very acrimonious, where deep-rooted family tensions are played out, often in public and at great expense.

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