Will writing during lockdown

Will writing during lockdown – July

Month 3 of Lockdown begins!

These are strange times we are living in! We are all adjusting to a new ‘normal’.  From queuing outside shops, to washing down our grocery packaging, and only communicating with loved ones online, things are certainly very different to when we began this new decade, just a few months ago.

I think it is worth mentioning how amazing everyone has been, from our wonderful health care workers, to our supermarket workers, bin men and postmen and women, all of whom keep working, serving us in very difficult conditions.  But also, most of the general public, being respectful of each other, queuing patiently and of course helping one another when and if we can.

For those who have been impacted by Corona Virus, and lost loved ones, I extend to you my deepest sympathies. In fact, my daughter was hospitalised briefly with this nasty disease several weeks ago. This was such a scary time for us all, but thankfully she is young and fit and made a rapid recovery.  I am eternally grateful to the NHS for the excellent care she received. 

As a business we have been very busy. When a disaster like this strikes people examine their own situations and many have contacted us to put their own affairs in order, so they have peace of mind. Therefore, we are still offering Will writing services during lockdown. For the safety of ourselves and our client we are taking instructions via video conferencing at a discounted rate. 

Single Wills are £225 and Mirror Wills for a couple are £275. Get in touch with me here.

Best wishes, Catherine Sawbridge