Funeral Plans

Start the Conversation about Funeral Plans

We know talking about death and funeral plans can feel awkward, but dealing with awkward things now can have important benefits in the future. 

A Funeral Plan is one of the few products that we all benefit from in the future.  It’s not a ‘just in case’ product, it’s a ‘definitely will need’ product. The cost of funerals rise every year. In fact, since 2007 the average costs of funerals has risen by over 57.1%*.

However, with a funeral plan, you can set the price now!

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Golden Charter, our preferred Funeral Plan Provider has just reduced the costs of their basic funeral plans.  These now start at £1749 and provide a way to make arrangements in advance for a dignified direct cremation without a funeral procession or service.  These types of plans are becoming more popular with customers who don’t want a traditional funeral service but do want to make their wishes known and avoid rising cremation costs.

A Basic Plan could be the perfect option if you want to take care of things your own way, on your own terms. It is a practical, lower-cost alternative to a traditional funeral.

Payments for all funeral plans can be made in instalments from as little as £17.21 a month over 10 years. 

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Catherine Sawbridge

*From the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2018 here.